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The staff of the library media center welcomes you!!!

Our hours of operation are:

Monday- 1:13-2:30

 Tuesday- 1:13-2:30 

 Wednesday- 1:13-2:30

 Thursday- 1:13-2:30

 Friday- 1:13-2:30



  • Flexible scheduling for grades 5-8
  • Weekly classes for grades 5-8
  • Internet accessible computers for student use
  • Distance learning equipment and technology for group instruction
  • Automated card catalog and circulation system
  • Meeting facilities for students, staff, parents, and community


  • 6,722 books
  • 1696 books checked out this year!!!
  • Reference Material
  • Video/DVD
  • Access to four Mac computers and two Dell Computers
  • Listening Center 


Bridgeport Middle School

Media Center

The Library Media Center at Bridgeport Middle School is student centered and strives to make resources available to all students when they are needed.  In order to provide equitable access to information, ideas, and resources for learning, the media center provides flexible access and scheduled weekly library time. 

The media center is organized using the Dewey Decimal System and uses InfoCentre software for circulation. The students are presented with lessons for obtaining information and resources using both of these systems. Each school computer has access to Quick Search for students and teachers to locate library resources.

Classroom teachers are encouraged to collaborate with the library media specialist on projects that help students use a variety of resources, conduct research, and share their findings.  Our goal is to work collaboratively together to help all students develop a love of reading and become skilled users of various materials as well as to teach and integrate literature and information skills into the curriculum.

The media specialist collaborates with both students and faculty when making purchases for the media center. Students are encouraged to make book request anytime during the school year and teachers are also encouraged to request instructional and informational resources that will supplement lessons taught in the classroom.

How are we raising money for NEW books????

* We have book fairs in October and March

*We collect Box Tops for Education

*We ask/beg for donations!!!!!


Please save Box Tops for our library.